Staff Training

Providing teachers and other professionals with specialist training

  • The research report (BCRP) found:

    • Some Teachers need to change the way they teach and talk to children who have speech, language & communication needs


    • Teachers need support to set up their classrooms to make it easier for children to communicate


    • Teachers and others need regular training in ways to support children who have speech, language & communication needs

  • Why are these findings important to you and your child?

    Teachers need to have extra, special training to help them understand about speech, language and communication needs. So it`s important that the school gives teachers and assistants the special training they need to help them work better with children who have all different types of needs.


    The BCRP team developed a tool to help teachers look at  how they work in the classroom with children with speech, language and communication needs. This is called the Communication Supporting Classroom Observation Tool.


    The SEND Code of Practice is clear about the importance of high quality support and teaching. It also asks commissioners of services (the people buying services in a local area) to make sure training is in place for everyone working with children with SEN.

  • You can...

    - ask what training & experience the teacher has?

    - ask what training the school gives its staff?

    - ask how often the staff get special training?

    - ask if the other people who work with children at school, like the Educational Psychologist & Speech & Language Therapist have had any extra or special training?


  • If you want more information these websites might help...

    The Communication Trust is an organisation that produces lots of useful resources for parents and professionals such as:

    Universally Speaking

    Communication Supporting Classroom Observation Tool

    Small Talk

    Speech, Language and Communication Progression Tool

    Level 3 Award (4337)

    The Communication Commitment

    What Works

    Other Ways of Speaking

    Don't get me wrong

    Communicating Phonics


    Many of the consortium members of The Communication Trust provide training for staff on supporting speech, language and communication needs.


    Talking Point this website gives you lots of useful information to help your child's speech, language and communication needs, such as:

    Progress Checker


    I CAN this charity specialises in helping children develop speech, language and communication skills, they produce lots of videos and things that can help such as:

    Working with Parents Toolkit

    Talk Boost Training

    Primary Talk

    Secondary Talk


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